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Bridge Constructions

Since the establishment of the company Sam Dam Engineering has worked on over 20 bridge related projects. Our experience includes bridge repair, new bridge construction using precast beams and removal of existing bridges. Our main client is the Road Development Authority.


Why Choose Us

  • Experienced and Well Qualified Engineers

  • Health & Safety

    Innovative benefits programs, training and safety culture make Sam Dam a contractor of choice. Working safely is priority and reflected in Sam Dam’s everyday work planning, selection and maintenance of equipment and safety incentives.

  • Sustainability

    Sam Dam employees value the environment. Unique work bridge construction, or handling architecturally significant materials for re-use are everyday occurrences. Respecting the environments we work in is natural.

  • World Class Quality

    Performing work to spec is Sam Dam’s target. Sam Dam management systems and people assure that our customers get what they want, when they want it, at a fair price. We’re smart enough to know our customers are the ones that define quality and we achieve or exceed their standard.