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Sam Dam Engineering has set-up a fully operational portable ready mix batching plant in order to manufacture and deliver all grades of concrete to residential, agricultural, industrial, commercial, and institutional markets. We deliver the necessary grade and quantity of ready mix concrete to any location at any time.


Our Strength

  • Concrete delivered to your project with unmatched service.

  • Supplier of quality stone sand materials.

  • Pumping concrete to places too far, too high, too tight, or too wet to reach with a truck.

Our Future

Readymix Resources

Ready mixed concrete is an extremely versatile and cost effective product that has made it one of the most common building materials in the world. By adjusting the basic ingredients, and with the use of chemical additives, the characteristics and performance of concrete can be customized to meet a wide range of applications and construction requirements.


Newly Built Batching Plant

Our recently acquired batching plant has a capacity to produce 18 cubic meters of concrete per hour. We can provide all grades of concrete according to the client’s requirement. Several mix designs and trial mixes have been carried out in order to gain the maximum efficiency of each mix.
Sam Dam plans to purchase a new pump car as well in the near future completing the batching plant package so that concrete can be pumped to places too far or too high.