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Prefabricated buildings are a vastly growing technology in Sri Lanka. It can be classified as a value based building solution that fits hundreds of applications.These types of buildings are manufactured from steel. The advantages in steel are durability, strength and longevity. These buildings can last for generations if constructed well and accurately. Prefab metal buildings are environmental friendly buildings products. The fabrication process produces almost zero waste. Steel buildings consist of a rather high recycle matter and due to the rapid erection process the manpower and equipment can be utilized efficiently.

Our company consists of a well-organized and well-trained team to undertake these kinds of projects. We have the ability to work with early project concepts, assisting clients in assemble plans, budgets and schedules and strategies at a very conceptual stage. Sam Dam has a value driven approach to the construction process, which helps to save time, money and effort that will immensely benefit the client.