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Building Constructions

Over the past 3 decades Sam Dam Engineering has had the opportunity to work on all kinds of commercial and governmental building projects. Since the formation of the company, our reputation has been based on building projects. We undertake projects from super luxury residencies to any type of factory or warehouse buildings.
Sam Dam’s construction professionals rise to the challenges associated with diverse buildings portfolio increasing the value of every commercial, industrial and residential projects. While Sam Dam is better known as a building construction company for larger projects, such as factory buildings, warehouses and super luxury residences, the organization also excels at smaller unique projects, such as renovations, restorations, and repairs.


And We Do

Landscape Designs

Apart from building construction, we focus on landscape designing as well in a minor scale in order to provide the customer a complete package combining nature and culture. Landscaping is focused on minor scale. We deliver highest quality products and most dependable services.


Interior Designs

Our company can also provide interior designing facilities according to the clients needs. These services will mainly be provided if the building project is handed to us as a whole.